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Thursday, September 20, 2012

35 Writers Who Have Influenced Me The Most

Over at Sean Taylor's excellent Bad Girls, Good Guys and Two-Fisted Action blog he's got this wonderful post "35 Writers Who Have Influenced Me The Most." Operating on my favorite principal that great artists steal, I immediately informed Mr. Taylor I was stealing his topic for my blog. So I'm gonna go over here and cackle evilly while plotting my next theft while you read. Enjoy.

1: Piers Anthony
2: Steven Barnes
3: Leigh Brackett
4: Ray Bradbury
5: Edgar Rice Burroughs
6: Stephen J. Cannell
7: George C. Chesbro
8: Clive Cussler
9: Samuel R. Delaney
10: Lester Dent
11: Alexandre Dumas
12: Will Eisner
13: Harlan Ellison
14: Ian Fleming
15: Dashiell Hammett
16: Chester Himes
17: Robert E. Howard
18: Langston Hughes
19: Joel Jenkins
20: Joe R. Landsdale
21: Stan Lee
22: Robert R. McCammon
23: Walter Mosley
24: Larry McMurtry
25: Michael Moorcock
26: John Ostrander
27: Ishmael Reed
28: Mike Resnick
29: Joshua Reynolds
30: Charles Saunders
31: Jim Steranko
32: Andrew Vachss
33: Jules Verne
34: Cornell Woolrich
35: Roger Zelazny

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