Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bass Reeves Is Gonna Saddle Up And Hit The Outlaw Trail Again!


Airship 27 Productions is excited to announce the production of a second anthology featuring the adventures of real life western Deputy Marshall, Bass Reeves. BASS REEVES – FRONTIER MARSHALL Vol One  was released in December of 2015 and has gone on to become one of the publisher’s best selling titles. Four popular New Pulp writers; Derrick Ferguson, Mel Odom, Gary Phillips and Andrew Salmon, contributed fictional tales starring this legendary western hero. Bass Reeves was an escaped slave who, during the years of the Civil War, lived among the Indian tribes of the Five Civilized Nations. After the war he was recruited by Judge Isaac Parker to be a U.S. Deputy Marshal and his jurisdiction was the entire Oklahoma territories.

HBO is currently filming a Bass Reeves mini-series with Morgan Freeman as a producer.

Once the book was released, it became an instant hit. Due to this overwhelming response, Airship 27 Productions is currently assembling a new quartet of Bass Reeves western adventures. Volume Two will features four brand new stories by returning writers Derrick Ferguson and Mel Odom joined now by Michael Black and Milton Davis.

Production is scheduled for the end of 2016 with an early 2017 release. So, saddle up, western fans, Marshall Bass Reeves is about to hit the outlaw trail once more. 

BASS REEVES – FRONTIER MARSHAL Vol One  is available inhard copy and on Kindle at  An audiobook version from Radio Archives is also in production.

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