Monday, June 19, 2017

Wha Hoppen?

If you came here looking for "Blood & Ink" you might have noticed it's no longer here and the name of this blog is now FERGUSON, INC.

Why the name change? you ask. No real reason. But I've been making some changes lately in my writing career and I felt that along with those changes, a change in the name of this blog should go along with it. That's all. Nothing dramatic or earth-shaking. I've been using the "Blood & Ink" name for about seven or eight years now and I simply felt that one of the ways to illustrate my shift in my attitude toward my writing was to change the name of the blog as well.

The content isn't going to change, tho. I'm still going to be updating you on my latest projects. I'd like to get into the direction of New Pulp a little more...where it's been, where I think it's going...where I think it should go so look for a few more think pieces from me along those lines. You'll still be getting the "Kickin' The Willy Bobo" interviews as they're always a lot of fun to do. I'm trying to interview more women writers of Speculative Fiction and New Pulp so if you have any suggestions as to who I should be interviewing, please let me know, okay?

What else? I think that's it. As always you can contact me via email: I've got a Facebook group Usimi Dero where I spend a lot of my online time hanging out with a really cool and classy buncha creative folks.

If you like movies then you can bounce on over to The Ferguson Theater and check out my movie reviews. I've been a little lax in reviewing lately but only because I've been working overtime on a couple of Dillon projects; the DILLON ANNUAL VOLUME 1 and THE RETURN OF THE SPECIALISTS. And speaking of the global instigator be sure and keep your eye on his own blog  to keep up with what's going on with him.

And over at my Patreon page you can get monthly installments of the two serials currently running; "Dillon and The Prophecy of Fire" and "Diamondback: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time." And beginning in September there will be a third serial; "The Mask of Cimeries" which is going to be my attempt at telling a Shakespearean horror/crime story set in Denbrook.

That enough for you? It'll have to be. I have to get back to work. Thanks for your time and kind attention. Laters!

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